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Blue Envelope


Valpak's Blue Envelope mailer offers proven design options, industry expertise based on historical data, performance tracking , and advanced household targeting, making it a high-engagement and effective direct mail solution.

Custom Postcards


Valpak makes it easy to use postcard advertising with three formats based on your target audience, new customer goal and budget, that include high-quality graphic design and optional performance tracking to measure campaign ROI.

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Valpak has helped get more customers through the door. Numerous clients have shown up with the Valpak coupon in their hands. Valpak definitely goes above and beyond to take care of my business needs.

Michael Stanley, Owner of Liberty Tax Service, Peoria



Connect with a local rep

A partner who cares about your business's success.


Choose your product mix

We have solutions for every marketing goal and budget.


Design your campaign

From audience targeting to postage, it's all included.


Measure your results

Tools that prove your ads are yielding a positive ROI.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost to advertise with Valpak?

Several factors go into the cost of advertising with Valpak, including the number of mailing zones, frequency and print format. However, the cost typically comes to between 3 to 5 cents per household.

How can I track the success of my direct mail campaign?

Valpak offers comprehensive campaign reporting including real-time response tracking via a performance dashboard. Whether it's phone calls, direct website traffic or activity on your profile - you'll know.

Is direct mail still relevant in today's digital age?

Yes, direct mail is still relevant in today's digital age as it remains an efficient way to reach customers, make a lasting impression, and enhance overall campaign success when combined with digital marketing efforts.

What postcard sizes do you offer?

Valpak offers a variety of standard and non-standard postcard sizes:
6x9 (our most popular standard size)
6x11 (more space for your mailer promo)
6x4.25 (most cost-effective custom postcard)
9x12 (maximum real estate for your message)
6.375 x 10.5 (trifold menu mailer for restaurants)